Christmas Spiegeltent

White Mink

White Mink

24th Nov 2018 8pm - 2am

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White Mink – It’s Magic

Indulge in little magical time-travel. Be transported back to the days of Swing and the Speakeasy. Vintage harmonies, incredible live jazz and a blend of entertainment that’s heady, intoxicating and surprisingly fresh. This is the vintage experience that’s not afraid to mix things up musically, re imagining swing for the 21st century.

In other words, it’s going to be one heck of a party. Knees up. Dance. Rave. Disco – the names don’t matter because White Mink is unique. Nothing else fuses so many influences. Nothing else has so many fabulous entertainers.

That’s why when guests said goodnight at the end of last year’s sell-out event, they begged us for more. We’ve made them wait a year, but that’s okay because nothing else lasts in the memory like the magic of White Mink.

It’s Christmas, treat yourself

White Mink is even more special when you reserve a booth. Sold out weeks in advance in 2017, our booths seat up to 10 guests and are reserved exclusively for your group throughout the entire evening. You’ll even enjoy waiter service at your table

The White Mink Line up

This year’s line up is going to be really special, but right now, we’ve got good reasons for keeping the list under wraps. You know there will be dancers, cabaret, live music, MCs and DJs. There will be acts that surprise, shock and delight. There will be singing, dancing, laughter and celebration. You’ll party all night, you’ll be amazed and inspired, but right now, we’ve got to keep our list secret. It’s a bit like not knowing what’s in that gift-wrapped Christmas present …

Dressing for White Mink

Dressing up is optional – but it’s highly recommended as it adds to the magic. Go for it.

Tickets for White Mink are available now

About White Mink

This is a standing show for over 18s only. Doors open at 8 pm and the event ends at 2 am.

Please note that General Admission tickets must be purchased in addition to a booth reservation. A booth costs £60 and comes with waited service. Book your booth as soon as possible via the event ticket link.